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Environments, Exposed

Jun 12, 2020

Hi love,
Today the fabulous Trish Causey and I are uncovering the truth about twin flames.
During this convo we shared some *key* pieces of information that are recommended to keep in mind as you approach your twin flame understanding.  For example:
~ The difference between a soul mate, twin flame, karmic relationship, and more
~ How to know if you're in a twin flame relationship
~ How to know if you're in a false twin flame relationship
~ The role of the feminine and masculine energies in spirituality, as opposed to the energetic roles that play out in the 3D/physical plane
~ Communicating with your twin flame across physical boundaries and distances
~ And more!
If you feel informed and encouraged by the messages shared in today's podcast, I encourage you to share them wherever you feel called to share the twin flame love.  #twinflames
Trish is a wealth of knowledge on sacred sexuality!  If you feel called to learn more about twin flames and/or sacred sexuality (and more - Trish is a multi-talented entrepreneur and activist), I would highly recommend you reach out to her and engage with her offerings.
Reach out to Trish and learn more about her offerings!:
Here's to living and creating in an even better world - a world that's elevating itself through the ascension of spiritual understanding and connection.
Enjoy this week's episode here (subscribe to us on iTunes and/or Spotify!):
Have a great one!  🌗
With love, grace and gratitude,