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Environments, Exposed

Aug 25, 2020

Hi love,


Jamie Faye is a wonderful friend and colleague of mine, and today she is here to share with us some of her top tips for combining your naturally amazing feminine characteristics to bring in more moola, and in spiritually-aligned ways.  (Hint:  women, money, and spiritually actually go together so well, it's...

Aug 17, 2020

Hi love,
Today I'm here to share with you some of my top tips for transforming your environments.


During this convo we uncovered some *key* environmental facets that affect your overall experience of life.  They include the:


~ Spiritual

~ Personal

~ Spatial

~ Relationship

~ Community


If you feel informed and...

Aug 8, 2020

Hi love,


I was late posting this episode - forgive me!  This week was in overflow.  And in this week's episode I'm going to talk about how I tackle this pesky problem when it comes up.


I'll also dispel some myths around "being in flow" (also known as the state of being in harmonious accomplishment,...