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Environments, Exposed

Jul 25, 2023

Workshop opportunity! 

Shout out and invitation to my fellow HSP+ADHD female/female-IDing creatives!
Ever wondered why your creative process seems like an uphill battle only to make a snail’s pace in progress?
What I’m about to share may surprise you: it’s about creating a safe and...

Jul 25, 2023

I work with creative, sensitive, spiritual (and/or energetically conscientious), feminine-identifying people who’ve had it with being demobilized by self- and culturally-imposed restraints, and are aching for personal transformation.


This is for you if you’re ready to embrace the version of yourself that’s...

May 27, 2022

You may have noticed we had a bit of a snafu on the podcast yesterday.  The podcasters called me and I was ready for them but it went direct to voicemail (Mercury Retrograde??) and they had to skip me and move on to the next guest expert.


It's a quick episode.  I wanted to give you a chance to hear what I had to say...

May 4, 2022

You may have seen him on Larry King Now, npr, Dr Drew, Hay House Radio, iheartradio, and stages around the world, making an impact by helping people *unlearn* unhelpful habits and ways of being that have been holding them back.
I'm so excited to welcome our featured guest, Kute Blackson to today's show.
Erring on...

Apr 25, 2022

Have you or someone you care about ever been bullied?


If you have, you’ll appreciate what Dorthy Suskind, PhD, and I discuss in the latest Environments, Exposed episode.

Bullying is an issue that has permeated human communities for ages, whether we are talking about internet bullies, bullying associated with...