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Environments, Exposed

Mar 17, 2020

Hi love,
I am very much looking forward to sharing this next topic, which is all about Resolving Trauma Via Psychotherapy, with my dear friend and colleague, Christi Garner.
This one's powerful...  We go into a topic that isn't often spoken about, but is *very* pervasive in our society.  So, I'm glad we were able to...

Mar 9, 2020

Hi love,

🌕 Today I'm excited to share a beautiful chat I had with Feminine Transitional Life Coach Madeleine Sklar about Our Ancient Mother's Alphabet and the Influence of the Mother Archetype in Societies.
I loved hearing Madeleine's perspectives on the mother archetype, cultural gender constructions, and the...

Mar 2, 2020

Hi love,
Today we're doing something profound.
We're unpacking (or rather, because this is such a *rich* topic, *beginning* to unpack...) something called "Patriarchy Stress Disorder".
Dr. Valerie Rein is a psychologist specializing in identifying hidden intergenerational and personal traumas underlying...