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Environments, Exposed

Sep 21, 2019

Hello love,
Welcome to day three of our feng shui replay, with my friend and colleague, Rupal Turner.
I loved this interview and Rupal’s enthusiasm for the more scientific and analytical aspects of feng shui. She brings a unique perspective to the feng shui conversation, which included a discussion on astrology, environmental science, and energies that impact our way of life in space.
Some points that we covered:
~ A classical feng shui history lesson and Rupal’s story
~ Defining classical feng shui – what it is and how is it unique from other schools of thought
~ Enhancing romantic energy in the home
~ Energy that can cause arguments and how to prevent/lessen this effect in your home
~ Feng shui as spiritual AND as a science – aspects of numerology and astrology
Your day will be so much better for checking into Rupal’s interview right here!:
Have a great one, and see you tomorrow!
With love, grace and gratitude,
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