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Environments, Exposed

Mar 17, 2020

Hi love,
I am very much looking forward to sharing this next topic, which is all about Resolving Trauma Via Psychotherapy, with my dear friend and colleague, Christi Garner.
This one's powerful...  We go into a topic that isn't often spoken about, but is *very* pervasive in our society.  So, I'm glad we were able to give it the love and attention it deserves today 🙂.
Today's episode covers all things trauma resolution.  For example:

~ The power of a supportive community holds for healing

~ The importance of self-awareness and compassion to trauma resolution

~ Woman-specific nervous system focuses and challenges

~ Helpful psychotherapy techniques and uses

~ A brief overview of two trauma healing techniques: EMDR & Somatic mind body practices

Christi is a *wealth* of information on trauma, and she has generously shared several insights and tools for trauma healing with us today.  In addition to being a source of deep healing and support, Christi guides women in overcoming trauma so they can live their best lives.  If this is you, check out her freebie and course for more trauma healing information and teaching!:
6 ways to regulate your nervous system
#verygenerous #thankyouchristi!
Enjoy this week's episode here:
See you in a few weeks!  🌗
With love, grace and gratitude,
Katie Titi