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Environments, Exposed

Jul 13, 2020

Hi love,


I'm often asked about the routines and practices that keep me looking so young.


So, I put together an episode to share with you my top 10 youthfulness tips.


I'd like to be crystal clear around this as well:  my focus with these practices has primarily been based on my health, longevity, and self care.  And it just so happens that the practices I engage to support myself in these ways, tend to support a youthful appearance.  Some may see that as a benefit.


I'm not here to tell any woman or feminine being how she should look or feel, and I believe that aging is part of the natural rhythms and cycles of life.  I am keen on cultivating a society that includes and supports many different perspectives on women's appearances and ways of being.  I personally believe that beauty is found in many different body types, skin tones/types, hair colors/types, ages, gender expressions, and ways of being.


I'm also *not* a doctor.  There is nothing I'm prescribing here.  Simply sharing my personal experience, that it may be of benefit.  If there's a practice or regimen I've mentioned here that I do not cover in my coaching that you'd like to pursue, I would encourage you to consult with a trusted expert, licensed professional, or doctor who specializes in that pursuit.


That being said, if you're interested in knowing the top 10 things I do for longevity, health, and self-care (that also tend to support a youthful appearance), then join me for this episode, where I will share all of my tips on that.

Enjoy this week's episode here (subscribe to us on iTunes and/or Spotify!):
Have a great one, and see you next first quarter moon.
With love, grace and gratitude,