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Environments, Exposed

Aug 9, 2019

Hello hello!  We are in a first quarter waxing moon on this beautiful Thursday as well as moving into powerful Lion's Gate energy (if you want to know more about what this means astrologically, check this link).  #excitingtimes 🌗🤗🦁✨
I am very much looking forward to sharing tonight's topic, which is Handling the Haters - 3 Ways to Keep These Meanies at Bay.
I've experienced my fair share of haters during my life (who hasn't, really - if you're up to big things, you may have noticed that the haters find you).
And over the years it has become easier and easier to navigate and channel my thoughts and emotions around this phenomenon.  So much so that honestly, there's very little that phases me these days.
I've been asked the question - what are my coping mechanisms?  Especially given that I'm a highly (I would argue "hyper-") sensitive and emotional person...  #goodquestion 🤔
When I went to reverse engineer my process for moving through these experiences with haters/bullies/negative self-talk, I came up with 3 key things that are always a part of my practice to handle it.
These practices have had a huge impact on my journey of remembering, reclaiming, and re-embodying my feminine power.
Check out this week's episode to find out my process, these 3 ways to move through the suckiness of haters.
I invite you to experience the episode here:
Have a great week, and happy lionsgate!  🦁✨
With love, grace and gratitude,
P.S. If you want even more tools to live your most powerfully feminine life, check out my course Cultivate Your Feminine Emininence & Magnetism on Udemy.  A quick head's up - the steep discount and overall cost of the program is not slated to last so if you if you've been thinking about getting it, I wouldn't wait.