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Environments, Exposed

Aug 15, 2019

Hello love. 
We are in a full moon in Aquarius on this beautiful Thursday and we all know the kind of magic and intrigue that can occur as a result of that powerful full moon energy!  I hope this one supports you in creating some pleasurable experiences in your life and the lives of those you care about.  🌕✨
I am very much looking forward to sharing tonight's topic, which is Living a Life with No Regrets.
Sometimes, we come to an impasse in our lives, when we have to make a decision to move forward in a direction, and the next steps seem way to scary or overwhelming.
I get it.  I've been there.  Shoop, I still get there sometimes when I have a new and even bigger project or space that I need to hold for others and I do occasionally have a moment around it thinking "can I really handle this?"
The outcome...
The workload...
The naysayers...
Things possibly not working out the way I had intended...
Whatever the resistance may be, I always know one thing for sure.  If I don't explore something I'm really fired up about, I will definitely regret it, and I'm not available for living my life that way.
Whether it's a relationship lesson learned, expansion in my business, deepening connections in my social circle, or pursuing my own personal passions.  There is always a positive outcome or a personal development moment associated with the results.
I'm grateful and glad for all of it.  Who needs perfection anyway?  Keeping up appearances is exhausting AF AND it's not authentic.  It's not the fullest and greatest expression of you and your unique and powerful truth.
What kind of life do you want to live?  I would love it if you shared what's inspiring you here.  There's a lot to be learned from taking intuitively-guided action and I just love seeing people win, whether they're getting exactly what they want or learning amazing things about themselves in the process.
Enjoy this week's episode, taken from a Instagram Live video that I published, here:
Have a great week, and happy full moon in Aquarius!  🌕✨
With love, grace and gratitude,
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