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Environments, Exposed

Jul 1, 2021

Hello {!firstname_fix},
Loved this recent interview with Christine DeLozier!  I wasn't aware one could use acupuncture to enhance sex, and I was intrigued to know more!
Christine knows a lot about how the body works in general, especially with regard to acupucture, diet, and sexuality (and how they are linked!). ...

Mar 24, 2021



I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Marta Sauret Greca, also known as Marta the Minimalist.  She helps women achieve success and ease in business through minimalist practices in their spaces and mindset.

If this is you, I invite you to watch and pay close attention especially to these few key things...

Dec 22, 2020

Hi love,
Amanda Kunkel is a leading expert in practical spirituality, intuition, and business gains.  This was such an insightful interview – Amanda's points about Intuitive models for transformation in business are super practical as well as nurturing, intuitive, and based in feminine leadership.  Some points that...

Sep 1, 2020

Hi love,


Joyce Diebels is a certified Health Mindset Coach who helps women to confidently conquer their food cravings so that they can live a balanced, healthy and happy life where they don't have to rely on food or a diet to feel good.  Today she is here to share with us some of her top tips for overcoming emotional...

Aug 25, 2020

Hi love,


Jamie Faye is a wonderful friend and colleague of mine, and today she is here to share with us some of her top tips for combining your naturally amazing feminine characteristics to bring in more moola, and in spiritually-aligned ways.  (Hint:  women, money, and spiritually actually go together so well, it's...