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Environments, Exposed

Feb 19, 2022



I have an announcement to make as there have been some changes to the podcast.


The long and short of it is that the last few years have prompted me to do some soul searching.  I've been focusing a lot of energy on my inner space, and what I really really reeaaalllly want to contribute to the world going forward, leaving peripheral passions on the backburner (for now).  If I could use one word to describe the journey that was year 2021, that word would be:  Focus.


On that note, the topic of environments has come up, time and time and time again.  Every road I've taken in my business and personal development journey has lead to this.


There is *so* much wisdom in our environments.  It's been there all this time, just waiting to be tapped into.


So I developed a formula, based on everything I know about how to create the life you want via your environments, and I'm going to be sharing some of that wisdom via the podcast. This will happen via the occasional monologue and collaborations with awesome featured experts.


So the podcast is transforming!  Coming out of its cocoon,  Environments, Exposed is all about harnessing your primary life environments via my SPACCE™️ method, to get what you want. 


Each episode will cover a specific environment (or environments) type, and lay out some actionable steps that you can harness to bring transformation and goodness to your life, toot suite.


Have you subscribed?  We're on YouTube, Spotify, and of course, the website.


In this intro episode I talk about what the 5 SPACCE™️ environments are, and how you can begin to use them to shape your life. 


It's an intro and framework for what we will explore throughout the podcast.  I look forward to connecting with you there.