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Environments, Exposed

Apr 30, 2020

Hi love,
Today we're talking about how to use play as powerful medicine in your life.  If you've ever wondered how play (or the absence of it) impacts your life, then this one is for you.


I was stoked to have the opportunity to have an honest and expansive conversation with Stacy Soderholm about what it means to use play for your personal healing and growth.  This was such a fun conversation, we could have gone on for hours because play is our JAM!  (Thank you Stacy for playing with us today!)

During this convo we uncovered some *key* pieces of information that are recommended to keep in mind as you approach your perspective(s) on play.  For example:

~ How to unburden yourself from heavy feelings from situations

~ How to embrace yourself exactly as you are

~ Some helpful play practices to lift your spirits and vibration

~ Why it's important to "not delay your play," as Stacy says

~ The "good girl" epidemic that seems to plague many of us, and how to extricate yourself from that (if that's you)

If you feel informed and encouraged by the messages shared in today's podcast, I encourage you to share them wherever you feel called to share the love of fun!
Stacy is a wealth of knowledge in playfulness practices and women's empowerment, so if you've felt called to dive deeper into either of these topics I would highly recommend you reach out to her and inquire about her offerings.

Be sure to grab Stacy's Virtual Gift Bag (which includes her Reclaim Your Crown Process!) - and get hooked up for the other awesome offerings she's working on. (You can also follow her for more tips and tools at
Here's to living and creating in an even better world - a world that's elevating itself through the ascension of fun-loving beings.
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Have a great one, and see you next week!  🌓
With love, grace and gratitude,