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Environments, Exposed

Jul 17, 2019

Welcome to our third week and this one is a special one.  Tonight is a full moon and lunar eclipse, and whether you're able to see them or not, I'd wager that you've been feeling the effects of these energies in one shape or form :-)
It's also a special week because I got to take a trip down memory lane in preparing this week's episode.
This week's episode is a reframe of a beautiful conversation I had several years ago with the wise and generous women's writer and leader, Sarah Durham Wilson.
In this week's episode we unpack the feminine and her wild heart.
With everything going on in our patriarchal-shaped world today, from the current political climate, to #metoo, to the wars waged against each other, and seemingly, on our beautiful planet, it might seem like an impractical time to embrace the characteristics of unconditional compassion, gentleness, and love.
But that's where many of us are actually missing the boat.
These traits are in fact some of the characteristics of the empowered feminine, and they are exactly what's needed to counterbalance the weight of the world right now and co-create a planetary space that is a balanced mix of healthy masculine and feminine energies for all to thrive.
These are the same qualities that so many of us *innately* possess, and get to cultivate, to balance out and "save," if you will, our planet: 
"The world will be saved by the western woman."  ~ the Dalai Lama
I tend to agree with him, in that it is those healthy feminine qualities that exist in all of us, that are going to help us heal and move toward a brighter future.
In this episode, we discuss the following themes and topics:
    ~ Masculine and feminine energies
    ~ Ego vs. soul relationships
    ~ Balance and healthy energy exchanges
    ~ Drama vs. soul purpose
    ~ What jealousy *actually* means for you when you experience it (hint: it's probably better than you think!)
    ~ The power of pleasure
    ~ Mother nature
    ~ The domain of the feminine
    ~ We also enjoy some story-telling and exchange some ideas on lifestyle and love
I really cherish this interview, and I hope you do, too.  It's one of those ones, like a good book...  You can listen many times and learn something new each visit.  There's something special in the energy there, as it keeps showing us what we need to see.
My favorite takeaway from this interview, and one that I hope you'll hold near and dear as you go about your week, is this:
"The most powerful woman in the room is the one with the biggest heart." ~ Sarah Durham Wilson
The heart may not literally be the loudest physical expression in the room but it is definitely *felt* that way in the soul and in the exchange of energy.  Indiscernable to the eye and to logic, but *definitely* discernable to the soul.
Learn more about Sarah and her programs here:
Have a beautiful week and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.
With love and gratitude,