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Environments, Exposed

Oct 13, 2019

Hi love,
We are in a full moon on this beautiful Sunday! 🌕✨
I am very much looking forward to sharing tonight's topic, which is all about the birth of a mother, with my dear friend and colleague, Cori Watson.
When a baby is born, another being is born also - a new mother.
A being that gets to receive support and love, much like a newborn.
The only one problem with that is that in current day society the new baby is often fawned over, and the new mother, sometimes overlooked.
So much may be expected from a new mom, including the "having to handle all things," to the "where did my wife go" questions that may come up in partnership.
Luckily today's guest has been there, done that, and has some answers for you regarding becoming a new mom. 
Whether you're a mother to a new human child, a fur baby, or the child that lives within - this advice is incredibly relevant and crucial.
Today's episode covers all things momma love, and much more.  For example:
~ Overcoming new mom exhaustion to level up into new ways of being, while integrating your new mom-ness
~ Harnessing your sexual energy center to create things in addition to/rather than sex
~ Some of the masculine and feminine interplays of energy that go on before, during, and after birth, and the sensitive balancing of those energies that's needed to successfully manage your energy while mom-ing
~ What she means by this statement, "when birth happens, two babies are born"
~ How beneficial it is to clean up the stuff from your childhood prior to having kids - *hint: if you don't, your kids will have this beautiful way of bringing it up for you to heal once you've had them :-)
~ How to get the support you need to be a successful mom
~  And so much more
My favorite quote from the podcast, hands down, was the following:
"now that you've had this baby, your heart is outside of you."  ~Cori Watson
Cori shared so many insights that had never occurred to me as I've not been a mom to a human as of yet - I thank her so much for her beautiful insight and cautionary wisdom.
In addition to being a powerhouse source of wisdom and love, Cori supports women in harnessing their sexual and sensual energies.  Get to know her more here:
Self-care Manifesto for Mothers:
Mindset Hacks for More Pleasure:
Instagram handle: @the_ignited_path

Here's to birthing, creating, and receiving in an even better world - a world that's healing and rebirthing itself one baby, mom, inner child, and concept (etc) at a time.
Enjoy this week's episode here:
Have a great one #fullmoonvibes🌕✨, and see you next week! 
With love, grace and gratitude,
P.S. If you want even more tools to live your most powerfully feminine life, check out my "What's Your Feminine Super Power?!" Quiz and offerings