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Environments, Exposed

Apr 1, 2020

Hi love,
Today we're talking about how to heal through artistic expression.  If you've ever wondered if deepening your artistic, expressive side could support your healing, then this one is for you.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to have a fun and expansive conversation with Diane Merpaw about how to use art to cultivate emotional wellness.  Diane has a background as a sex coach and intentional creativity coach and she brings this beautiful wisdom to her craft for healing through an artistic and somatic lens.

During this convo we uncovered some *key* pieces of information that are recommended to keep in mind as you approach your artistic healing journey and spiritual expression.  For example:
~ How to connect with pleasure centers to self-express and deepen your healing connection
~ Modes for artistic healing that include a number of artistic, feeling, and sensory practices
~ Unearthing your inner essence and spiritual connection through the creation of art and physical expression
~ Art as healing for trauma - how to connect/reconnect with your voice and allowing the process to unfold
~ How healing doesn't have to be heavy!  Expression can be joyful process of allowing the intuition to unfold
~ Empowering the feminine through the voice and lens of artistic expression, and connection with your muse(s)

If you feel informed and enlightened by the messages shared in today's podcast, I encourage you to share them wherever you feel called to share the artistic healing love.

If you would like to learn more about Diane's offerings, you can connect with her for a free 15-minute discovery session by booking here:

Here's to living and creating in an even better world - a world that's elevating itself through the ascension of individual and collective spiritual healing and deepening connection to creative expression and development.
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Have a great one, and see you next week!  🌓
With love, grace and gratitude,