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Environments, Exposed

Sep 20, 2019

Hello love,
Welcome to day two of our feng shui replay with my friend and colleague, Patricia Lohan.
I loved this conversation with Patricia, where she shared her personal experiences with feng shui and love (in her own life and the lives of her clients) to show just how WELL these methods can work, with the right approach. There is a lot of GREAT feng shui and law of attraction content here so be sure to tune in.
Some points that we covered:
~ Her story and how feng shui, self-healing and personal development has changed her life in drastic and amazing ways
~ Why specificity and intentionality are so important to creating the love life you desire
~ Some symbols of love that you can place in your home, and how/where to position them
~ What NOT to place in your home or remove ASAP (because it’s pushing love away!)
~ The importance of feeding your soul, dropping into your body, and trusting the way it reacts to the vibrations of what’s going on around you
You will not want to miss Patricia's deep and profound interview – watch it here:
Have a great one, and see you tomorrow!
With love, grace and gratitude,
P.S. If you want even more tools to live your most creatively-empowered love life, check out my course LOA Your Home for Love: