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Environments, Exposed

Sep 23, 2019

Hello love,
Welcome to day five of our feng shui replay, with my friend and colleague, Marie Diamond.
Marie was such a joy to speak with and she’s a wealth of knowledge in the fields of feng shui, the law of attraction, and much more. You may have seen her in the hit movie, The Secret.
Marie’s work and teachings played a role in what inspired me to engage more deeply in the law of attraction and feng shui so I’m super stoked to have her as an interviewee on this program.
Some points that we covered:
~ The law of attraction and feng shui
~ How to stay in a great mood/high vibration while on travel
~ Using feng shui for healing past romantic hurts
~ Art selection/creation and feng shui
~ How to use vision boards in the home
~ Tips for keeping an amazing romance once we have it
You're going to want to catch this very deep interview with Marie - click here!:
Have a great one, and see you tomorrow!
With love, grace and gratitude,
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