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Environments, Exposed

May 4, 2022

You may have seen him on Larry King Now, npr, Dr Drew, Hay House Radio, iheartradio, and stages around the world, making an impact by helping people *unlearn* unhelpful habits and ways of being that have been holding them back.
I'm so excited to welcome our featured guest, Kute Blackson to today's show.
Erring on the side of mystery, but I'll give you a few hints as to what we're discussing ;-):
- If you've ever questioned your creative process or been at odds with your feminine experience, this episode with Kute is *spirit-elevating*.
- If you've been wanting to shed some layers of your personal experience that aren't serving anymore (#release!) you'll appreciate what he has to share on that as well.
Here's that link to the episode again:
Some things to look forward to (Kute's offerings):
The much anticipated, The Magic of Surrender book, and a special workshop available for those who buy it:; there are free gifts with your purchase of 1 book.
Looking forward to hearing your experience of this special episode, and don't forget to check out Kute's offerings!
P.S. You'll want to check out Kute's YouTube Video The Beauty of Woman:; his channel has so much wonderful personal development content to tune into, in addition to music videos to lift the spirits and connect with your feminine, artistic heart.