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Environments, Exposed

Nov 4, 2019

Hey love!

We are in a first quarter moon on this beautiful Monday! 🌓✨ #happymonday🤪
I am very much looking forward to sharing this episode, which is all about the Feminine and Her Sacred Worth, with my dear friend and colleague, Marcia Mariner.
The #metoo movement has struck a chord with many women and feminine beings around the world.  Marcia has a really interesting take on this and shares that with us today, as well as some really key perspectives regarding the feminine and her sacred worth. 
Today's episode is going to cover all things feminine worth, and more!  For example:
~ Recovering from something called the "witch wound," also known as the collective wounding of the wise feminine and the collective trance we've been in for, oh, the last few thousand years...
~ Embracing the #mefirst movement, after recovering from #metoo and victim consciousness
~ Getting intimate with your purpose, power, and impact to ascend and embrace your sacred worth
~ Embracing the birthing process in how it beautifully mirrors life, in all its expansion and contraction
~ Defining what #mefirst looks like for you and an upleveled self-care & self-love practice!
For those of us who've been awakening to our inherent power, it's time to not only remember it, but remind everyone out there about theirs.
If you feel inspired by the messages shared in today's podcast, I encourage you to share them - share them on your social medias, with your loved ones, with your besties.  Share it with anyone you love dearly enough to call a sister. 
Our aim today, and in the future, is to begin to demonstrate how you can change your life and the lives of those you care about (and perhaps those you haven't even met yet), by deepening your connection to the feminine energies and powers within you, in a way that's authentic and grounded in your truth, success, and freedom, and then sharing that beautiful gift with your fellow beloved humans. 
Marcia is an awesome resource for connecting with your sacred worth.  You can get to know her and find some of her tools and strategies, here!:
Book a consultation (free) to get to know Marcia and hear about Marcia's upcoming online sisterhood circle programs!:
If you're curious about Marcia's upcoming group program... it's an 8-week sacred worth accelerated online sisterhood circle designed for visionary women leaders to break through sabotage patterns and uplevel their lives, starting on December 2nd. Her 6-month immersion program launches in January 2020.

Here's to living and creating in an even better world - a world that's healing itself through the collective ascension of worthy and deserving feminine beings.
Enjoy this week's episode here:
#femininemagnetism #sovereignfeminine
Have a great one, and see you next week!
With love, grace and gratitude,
P.S. I'm taking on a *very* limited number of private clients, between now and the end of the year.  If you want in, schedule a free consultation to find out if we're a fit by responding to this email.: