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Environments, Exposed

Dec 18, 2019

Hi love,

🌗 Today I'm excited to share a beautiful chat I had with Feminine Transitional Life Coach Madeleine Sklar about How to Use Daunting Life Changes to Cultivate Your Feminine Success.
I loved hearing Madeleine's perspectives on the powerful potential present in big life transitions.  Here's what we focused on:
~ How the successful feminine navigates through and uses life changes to her advantage in transformation
~ How to begin to heal the mother/daughter wound
~ How the role of "mother" has been expressed across cultures, and what we can learn from alternative perspectives
~ Madeleine's tips for living a purposeful and juicy life as a feminine being
~ How we can expand our perspectives of gender roles in society by looking at the fluid transitions and diverse interpretations that many cultures practice with regard to their cultural gender norms
If you feel inspired by the messages shared in today's podcast, I encourage you to share them wherever you feel called to share the (motherly and transitional support) love.  🙂
Madeleine is a wealth of knowledge on harnessing powerful transitions for transformation and feminine success.  You can get to know her and find some of her tools and strategies, here:
Are You Juicy Quiz:
30-minute Discovery Session:
Check out Madeleine's publications here!:

Here's to living and creating in an even better world - a world that's elevating itself through the collective ascension of flexible and juicy feminine beings who are experiencing transition.
Enjoy this week's episode here:
Have a great one, and see you in 2020!
With love, grace and gratitude,