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Environments, Exposed

Jul 1, 2021

Hello {!firstname_fix},
Loved this recent interview with Christine DeLozier!  I wasn't aware one could use acupuncture to enhance sex, and I was intrigued to know more!
Christine knows a lot about how the body works in general, especially with regard to acupucture, diet, and sexuality (and how they are linked!).  We had an eye-opening conversation.  Christine shared the following:

     - What’s the general background on Eastern medicine and the construct for how that works?

     - How can acupuncture help people with sex?  How does it work generally/mechanically?

     - What’s her most frequently asked question/concern/ailment that people come to you to solve?

     - What are some unexpected bonuses of doing acupuncture work?  (ie unexpected health benefits)

Thanks for joining us.  See you next time.
With love, grace, and gratitude,