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Environments, Exposed

Jul 5, 2020

It seems fitting that 13 moons from when we started this podcast, many of us find ourselves celebrating the nation's freedom in the United States.  And it is a very interesting time to be celebrating, indeed.
We have come so far as a country, and yet...  still so very far to go :-).
Can you relate, {!firstname_fix}?
I know there are so many amazing things I have manifested into my life, and so many yet to go. 
On this 13-mooniversary of the Feminine Ascendance Circle podcast, I invite you to take a moment to celebrate where freedom does exist, by claiming 2020 - it is still your magnificent year.  A year that we may still call in our next level, no matter what.
Are you with me?
On this very special 13-mooniversary I'm sharing with you...
The 3 Things You Need to Cultivate to Become an Influential and Magnetic Feminine Leader
It's a 3-part audio that will outline some of the key things you will need to reign like the queen you are, over the rest of 2020.  #thisisstillyouryear