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Environments, Exposed

Mar 2, 2020

Hi love,
Today we're doing something profound.
We're unpacking (or rather, because this is such a *rich* topic, *beginning* to unpack...) something called "Patriarchy Stress Disorder".
Dr. Valerie Rein is a psychologist specializing in identifying hidden intergenerational and personal traumas underlying anxiety, depression, addictions, and relationship problems and effectively resolving them with the tools of psychology, biology, and neuroscience. 
She's also a mom and incredible badass leader who's single-handedly discovered and taken on this disorder that's been afflicting the feminine community for millennia.
I was stoked to have the opportunity to have an honest and expansive conversation with Dr. Valerie about trauma, healing, and the experience of the collective, wounded feminine over the millenia, as a result of the largely unhealthy patriarchal system we've been subjected to.  #itsnotyourfault
This conversation was nothing short of mind-blowing.  I anticipate that you're going to learn and appreciate so much around this week's episode, including: 
~ Dr. Valerie's story and how she stumbled across this phenomenon
~ The power of epigenetics - how fears and traumas can be passed down from generation to generation
~ Some of the self-limiting habits and unhealthy adaptations acquired from the (painful) messages transmitted via epigenetics
~ How women have been programmed to fear and block our pleasure/desires, financial power, and success
~ How women have been programmed to apologize through our language, habits, and in other ways
~ How you can begin to heal trauma from your own personal experiences, as well as inherited PSD
If you feel informed and encouraged by the messages shared in today's podcast, I encourage you to share them wherever you feel called to share the radical self-love.  #healingpatriarchystressdisorder
Dr. Valerie is a wealth of knowledge on feminine psychology, epigenetics, and more! If the messages received from today's program have been powerful (and I bet they were!), I *highly recommend* that you reach out to learn more about her offerings.
She just hosted a powerful masterclass, and her new course called "The Thriving Solution" is about to kick off  *this week* (it's just started so if you're interested, I recommend jumping on that right meow!).  You can find out more about those here:
You can also grab a copy of her book, "Patriarchy Stress Disorder" here:
Here's to living and creating in an even better world - a world that's elevating itself through the ascension of PSD-informed women healing their trauma so they can move from "how much can I take" to "how good can it get"!
Enjoy this week's episode here (subscribe to us on iTunes and/or Spotify!):
Have a great one, and see you next week!  #happyfirstquartermoon 🌓
With love, grace and gratitude,